Fast Food for
Healthy People


Energize your routine or kickstart your workout recovery with a loaded tea or protein shake!


Pickup or Order in store

Looking for a loaded tea or protein drink you’ll actually enjoy? Come try something off Flex Nutrition’s menu!

Located inside Upside SportsPlex, Flex offers a variety of loaded teas, protein coffees and shakes, boost drinks, and specialty drinks.

Focused on making fast food for healthy people, our drinks are a great low calorie, low sugar, and low carb option when you’re looking for a boost or need to hit your protein goals! And with our wide variety of flavors and add-ons, you’re sure to find something you love that
fits your nutritional needs.

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To place a pick-up order call 713-907-8304.


Flex has an extensive menu to make sure people find what they like and need. This includes a list of add-ons that can be added to any shake or tea based on what you’re looking for. Click below to download our full menu.
  • Rebuild Shake (Packed with protein and post-workout vitamins)
  • Donut Hole (helps control fat and hunger)
  • Specialty Tea
  • Loaded Tea
  • Hydration
  • Classic Shake

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