Gym Rules

Please Read All Rules Carefully

    • Use facility and equipment at your own risk
    • Use equipment properly
    • Wipe down equipment after every use
    • No outside food or drinks are allowed
    • Keep hands away from any moving parts on machines.
    • No smoking (e-cigarettes included) and no tobacco products or alcohol is allowed
    • No food or open containers (bottles only)
    • No powders or chalk allowed
    • Must be 14 years of age to access the fitness center
    • Return all equipment to its rightful place after every use
    • No loud music is allowed, headphones only
    • Proper gym attire is required (no boots, sandals, open-toed shoes, or bare feet, and no open-cut shirts, cutoffs, or stringer shirts are allowed)
    • No slamming, dropping or clinging the weights
    • Report all faulty or damaged equipment to the staff
    • No pets allowed
    • Keep breakable objects outside of the fitness room (No glasses)
    • No swearing, no fighting, and no horseplay allowed (No excuses)
    • Report all incidents to the staff immediately

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